APPSC.GOV.IN GROUP 4 Cut off Marks Estimation

APPSC Group 4 Cut off Marks Estimation

Merit lists for APPSC GROUP 4 exam conducted on 11th August 2011 has been sent to the district authorities. Many districts already published the general merit list without Group 4 cut off marks. Many candidates or aspirants of this exam has been estimating the Group 4 cut off marks for various districts according the merit list published by their respective districts official websites. The said Group 4 cut off are not just implies the number of posts available in each districts. Group 4 cut off marks actually depends on various factors. I am here with putting a detailed explanation on which factors Group 4 cut off marks will be decided. But, many aspirants miss-understood that the cut off is actually depends on the number of posts available in their districts, as a unit of measure for reservation. The following are a few factors which directly influence the cut off marks for each category in each districts, as a unit.

Factor 01: Availability of posts in particular department:

Some of group 4 posts require specific qualification like Computers in graduation or type writing in English etc. For those who are getting good score and want to join in Treasury will obviously select Treasury department for their comfort in working hours. In general, if women candidates having computers will select for this instead of going to CCLA. Also if there are posts in Treasury in specific category and not available in open for any reservation candidates, they will go for Treasury in their respective category. Simply, if some one not getting in his/her desired posting in open category, then they will go for the same posting with their reservation. In these both cases, next ranker will get in for available posts in open category. In this case open group 4 cut off marks will be significantly vary to the lower level.

Factor 02:

Many aspirants are also some times selected in another notifications where there is a higher degree of respect and pay scale. In such a situation, candidates comes under this will not attend for interview or certificate verification. Also, if some one got selected in Group 2 non-executive and want to prepare for executive posts, for that this person might go for Group 2 post at State capital Hyderabad for coaching purpose as well as job concern. Many aspirants prefer group 2 non-executive post at Hyderabad for coaching purpose. In this case next candidate of group 4 cut off will be decrease to some extent.

Factor 03:

If some one wrote an exam as a non-local candidate, he/she must be in top 20% of the open category posts. In this case, if some scored marks are fair enough to get in open local, but not in top 20% of the jobs or posts available, then they will not get job. So, they will not be selected, even it seems to be one of the selected candidate. In general, we can see such things in Hyderabad and Rangareddy districts where candidates from all over the Andra Pradesh choose these districts for continuing their preparation for Executive posts like Group2, Group1 etc by taking coaching at Hyderabad. Since many famous coaching centers for Civil services and Group1 services are available at Hyderabad. In these districts cut off may vary significantly.

Factor 04:

In general, women candidates having some constraints in their home front. Since women having responsibilities as mother, wife and Home maker and may not wish to move from their home town to far away places. In this case, they used to select a department where there is fixed time of working hours and near by to their presently residing area. For that their choice will be from Women category posts, but not in Open-General post if they are not in top ranks.

Assume that the following are the available posts in open category in a particular district.

OC-gen ccla(10)+Treasury(01)+S&R(02)+R&B(03) = 16 posts in Open-General Category OC-W CCLA(06)+Treasury(02)+S&R(01)+R&B(01) = 10 posts => 26 posts in Open-Women Category Assume other category also having posts in their reservation

Then the following probable list of candidates for upto 31st rank may get job.

1. oc-gen without comp & type CCLA-1(g1) 2. oc-gen with comp Treasury-1(g2) 3. oc-gen without comp & type CCLA-2(g3) 4. bcd-gen without comp & type S&R-1(g4) 5. bcd-w with comp Treasury-2(gw1) 6. oc-gen without comp & type S&R-2(g5) 7. oc-gen without comp & type Absent (Due to selection in Executive Post) 8. bca-gen without comp & type CCLA-3(g6) 9. oc-w with comp Treasury-3(gw2) 10. oc-gen with comp Non-local 11. oc-gen without comp & type CCLA-4(g7) 12. bcd-w with comp S&R-3(gw1) 13. bcd-gen without comp & type CCLA-5(g8) 14. sc-gen without comp & type CCLA-6(g9) 15. oc-gen without comp & type CCLA-7(g10) 16. bcd-gen without comp & type Absent (Due to selection in Executive Post) 17. oc-gen without comp & type CCLA-8(g11) 18. bcd-w without comp & type S&R-4(w1 in BCD-W) 19. oc-gen with comp CCLA-9(g12) 20. bcd-gen with comp S&R-5(in BCD-GEN) 21. OC-GEN without comp & type Absent(Due to in GR2 Non-executive) 22. oc-w without comp & type CCLA-10(g13) 23. bcd-gen with comp S&R-6(in BCD-GEN) 24. sc-gen without comp & type CCLA-11(in SC-GEN) 25. bcd-gen without comp & type CCLA-12(in bcd-gen) 26. oc-gen without comp & type R&B-1(g14) 27. oc-w without comp & type CCLA-13(gw5) 28. bcd-w without comp & type CCLA-14(gw6) 29. oc-gen without comp & type R&B-2(g15) 30. sc-w with comp S&R-7(in SC-W) 31. oc-gen with comp R&B-3(g16)

If closely observe the above illustrated example, open Group 4 cut off is not at 16th ranker. Due to the said factors, the cut off might be at 31st ranker. But, what we think is that Group 4 cut off is at 16th rank for open general category. Since in the above illustrated example, Group 4 cut off for Open-gen varied from 16th rank to 31st rank, the same will reflect in open-women category. The priority for selection of posts in various departments varies on individual circumstances. But, in general, it follows the order of priority like “comfort of working department, career growth in particular department, place of work; individuals primary target or goal for joining in a particular department; Individual constraints etc.”.

In a gist, group 4 cut off marks does not stop at the number of posts available in each category. It obviously comes down, but not what actually we are expecting at.

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