APPSC Group 4 District Wise Merit Lists-100 Points Roster System

APPSC Group 4 District Wise Merit Lists

100 Points Roster System

All the best to all group 4 and Group 2 aspirants who are successfully completed their journey to get job in their respective groups in APPSC. It has been a long awaiting news for all group 4 and group 2 aspirants for Certificate verification for Group 4 and Interview for Group 2 aspirants.

In recent past, as all we knew that Anantapur district and Chittoor District district committees announced the Provisionally selected candidates list for Group 4. I have been waiting for changes to be made in the Anantapur district provisionally selected list. I found some mistakes that should be corrected before certificate verification.

In Anantapur district provisionally selected list for group 4, they didn’t mention non-local category posts in each category that must be followed for selection procedure under the roster point system as well as G.O.No.124 for reservation system. They simply calculated 20% of the total post and allocated the same for non-local category from OC-general category for group 4 selection list. This is absolutely violating the procedure mentioned in the roster point system and local&non-local category reservation system.

For each notification for jobs in Government sector in Andhra pradesh, they must follow the roster point system and G.O.No.124 for local category reservation. If the same kind of calculation is made for Hyderabad district, then definitely local category students will lose almost all group 4 posts available in the Hyderabad district. According to the roster point system, in group 4 provisionally selected list, Anantapur district authorities must allot non-local category reservation posts for each category but not in just open category. And the second mistake they committed was, they should not state like “Provisionally selected” before certificate verification. They can mention like “List of candidates for Certificate verification” instead of stating like “Provisionally selected list” for group 4 results. Technically there are some provisions to state like that. What happens if some one not attend because of some one got selected in another higher cadre post?

They must mention non-local posts in each category but not in general category. And they must mention “List of candidates for certificate verification” instead of stating like “Provisionally selected” for APPSC group 4 results.

When it comes to Chittoor District selection list, they absolutely followed the reservation system according to the roster points and G.O.No.124. And I really appreciate the way they provided the details of Carry forwarded (CF) posts in each categories too. But they, too, didn’t mentioned like “list of candidates for Certificate verification”. They, too, stated like “Provisionally Selected List”. I don’t know how can they justify about their statement like “Provisionally Selected”.

One of our website readers, Mr.Chanukya also raised the same doubt, when we have conversation over phone yesterday, on what does the mean of CF in each category of the Chittoor Provisional selected list. And many aspirants having the same doubt, since it does not have details about this in group 4 notification.

The abbreviation CF stands for Carry Forward. It means those posts which were converted to backlog or not filled by any candidates in the earlier notification or vacant by already recruited candidate of the earlier notification etc. So, they are carrying forwarded to this new group 4 notification no.38/2011. Since all posts are filled by the roster points system and local area criteria, it is wise to mention that those posts are vacant in the earlier notification followed the roster points in the past, but not included in the roster point criteria for present group 4 notification. Since they already allotted to respective categories in the earlier group 4 notification, they need not be considered for new allotment of posts available with the present group 4 notification under the said roster point system.

Many aspirants having miss conceptions on non-local category allotment. It simple, just arrange the all posts available in the respective zone or district or a unit area which is considered for local or non-local category. Then one should calculate 20% of all the available posts in that unit area. Next, allot the number of posts obtained at 20%, from roster point 1 to 100(in general assumption there are 100 posts). If any category, say bca or bcb or bcc or bcd or bce or sc or st, are not having allotted for non-local posts, then only local candidates of that category can compete for their respective category posts. It means, if any candidates of any category wants to join in non-local category, then he or she must have non-local category posts in his or her respective category only. Suppose, if there are 20 posts for general-men category out of 100 posts in a unit area(either zone or district or etc.), then we should not calculate 20% of the total posts 100. Since 20% of 100 is equal to 20 posts and it seems to be like any non-local candidates who are top 20 ranks can compete with local top 20 rank holders. But, it is wrong perception that most of the candidates assume the same. 20% of 100 equal to 20 posts and these are available for non-local category but not in only general category. It means, all the available 100 posts should be arranged with respect to roster point system according to the reservation mentioned for each category in group 4 selection too. Then only we can allot top 20 rank holders or this roster point system for non-local category competition.

I really appreciate the Chittoor District Committee, they followed the same thing for non-local category posts, but Anantapur district committee failed to follow this reservation system. But one thing I observed that, even if Anantapur district committee change the list of candidates for certificate verification with roster point system, they do not get any major change in the list. So, there will be no problem for that district even if they failed to follow the roster point system for group 4 selection list. But it is really worst ever situation for Hyderabad district if Hyderabad district does not follow the roster point system for group 4 selection list for Certificate Verification. I hope Hyderabad district committee will follow Chittoor district selection procedure.

Many aspirants have asked or raising their concern queries or doubts about this roster point system. I am here providing the roster point system chart for 100 ranks list. It is general assumption if there are 100 posts, the roster point follows the list as provided in this article. And I am not able to give answers for each people queries, as this platform is not a blog, if there are less or greater in number than 100 posts in each districts or unit area for group 4 selection procedure. And there might be some minor changes because of the carry forwarded posts from the earlier group 4 notification. I here with providing this just for the knowledge sake, but not for all people personal queries. If I feel there is a genuine reason to respond for any query or doubt from any aspirants of the group 4 or group 2, I will definitely try to answer with best of my knowledge if I have reasonable time to respond.

100 Points Roster System
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