APPSC Group 4 Results

APPSC Group 4 Results | Nalgonda District Group 4 Merit Lists | Analysis and Selection Procedure

Yesterday Nalgonda district Group 4 results were published on its district website.  After looking at the merit list of the district many aspirants of the Group 4 who are eagerly waiting for APPSC Group 4 results were almost lost their hopes. Is it really a panic situation or is it a sample for all districts? Who are the most lucky in this notification and who are the most un-lucky? Let us have a look at the analysis and selection procedure depending on the APPSC Group 4 Results with specific reference to the Nalgonda Merit list.

According to the Group 4 notification no. 38/2011, for Nalgonda district vacancies & selection will be as follows:

For candidates having Computers in their qualification, 7 posts in treasury.
OC-Women (2) + BCA-Men(or Women)(1) + BCB-Men(or Women) (1) + SC-Women (1) + ST-Men(or Women)
For OC-Women(2 posts): Serial number 29(bcd-women) and 147(0c-women) candidates will get under this category.
For BCA-Men (1 post): Serial number 33 (bca-men) with 260 marks will get under this category.
For BCB-Men (1 post): Serial number 06 (bcb-men) with 267 marks will get under this category.
For SC-Women (1 post): Serial number 329 (sc-women) with 238 marks will get under this category.
For ST-Men(2 posts): Serial number 356 and 386 with 237 and 236 marks respectively get under this category.

If we see all these candidates priority, they opted for Post Code 1-Treasury Department, including serial no.6 candidate. Since priorities has been finalised in this APPSC Group 4 Results, one can not change their priorities here after.

Now look at CCLA posts available under each category for this APPSC Group 4 Results.
OC-G(9 + 11 =20) + BCA(4+1=5) + BCB(3+4=7) + BCD(2+1=3) + BCE(3+0=3) + SC(5+2=7) + ST(3+1=4) + PH(2+2=4)
Total 53 posts in CCLA.

For OC-G (9 posts): Serial numbers 1 to 5 and 7 to 10. Since Serial number 6 candidate priority is 1, he will get in Teasury department only.

Note1: If we see the serial numbers 1, 5 and 9 they are qualified for Treasury department, but they are not having vacancies under their category. So, they will get in CCLA per their priority mentioned.

Note2: If we compare the serial numbers from “7 to 10″  with serial numbers from “11 to 13″ candidates, ALL THESE CANDIDATES HAVING SAME MARKS. Then why should only 7 to 10 get higher serial number? The person who are older than other will get hall ticket number first, it is the system generally APPSC and other recruitment agencies follows. So, we need not verify who are olde among these seven candidates. Just have a look at their hall ticket numbers. Even though they are having same marks they are losing their opportunity, it is very bad to lose such talented persons in the system. Every one of us can imagine how much pain they are having now. I hope God bless them for better opportunity.

Note3: If we see the serial number 4, it is a women candidates, but she will get under OC-Gen category

For OC-W (11 posts): Now see the post code 2 priority along with all women toppers from 11th rank onwards.
Serial numbers 57, 58, 106, 121, 134, 152, 178, 183, 185, 188, and 204 will get under oc-women category in this APPSC Group 4 results.

Note1: Observe the serial number 147, it is women candidates that must get under this category, but her 1st priority was post code 1, so she will get in Treasury instead of CCLA. If she was opted for priority like 2,1,3,…. etc. then she would be in CCLA.

Note2: Observe the serial numbers 57, 152, 178, 188 and 204, all they are from other categories, but they got under merit in open women category in this APPSC Group 4 Results. So they will get in this OC-W category only. And their following rankers in their respective category get their posts in their categories only.

After close observation of the above specific references, all u can filter in the same way for other categories BCA, BCB, BCC, BCD, BCE, SC, ST and PH. Do follow priority and men followed by women candidates rank, then sort out successful candidates of this NALGONDA APPSC Group 4 Results.

Key Considerations:
Only candidates from OC-Men category having worst experience in this exam with such a high score. I hope this would be the second highest cut off in the APPSC history. 266 out of 300 is nothing but 88.67%. Because of a single digit posts for this OC-Men category, they were having such a worst experience.

When it comes to OC-Women category, serial number 204 candidate, even though she is from BCB, being one of the topper from open category and last person, the cut off for the same at 244 (81.33%). So, in general we say that Group 4 cut off for OC in this APPSC Group 4 Results is at 244 (81.33%) in Nalgonda District.

But other category candidates of this exam relatively better chances, go through the procedure mentioned above. All other candidates can sort out their cut off also.

Can we estimate with this results for other districts?
In this APPSC Group Results for other districts we may not see such high cut offs. But in some districts, because of a single digit posts, they might experience high cut offs. The districts that might have high cut offs are Nellore, Gunturu, RR, Krishna, Srikakulam, Kadapa, Adilabad (for oc-gen), Warangal (both OC-G&W), Mahaboob Nagar. In these districts because of a single digit posts, we may see at least a few who get near to their district top score will be the cut off mark in their districts.

The rest of the districts for APPSC Group 4 Results will be published very soon. We will publish when they are available. So, candidates be prepared with certificates who are sure about their chances of getting job in this notification in their districts. (Correct Me If I am wrong….)

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