(Updated on 15th Feb 2013)

Instructions for the Merit Lists:

1) Many candidates asking to add their marks in APPSC MERIT LISTS, but they do not want to display their names. If any topper or ranker want to do so, we do. But candidate must send actual & code names along with required details. We will hide actual name and will be posted details of marks, category, district etc. along with your alias names. Ranker will be aware of the exact person, at the same time ranking will be available to both the ranker and other candidates. Knowing the rank of every person without knowing the exact name of that each candidate, gives privacy to the ranker, and cut-off estimation to be available to all candidates. If we do not have any objection to display your name, we can display as usual. Now you decide in which way we can share information. It’s all upto the ranker now, whether to share or to hide the information….in APPSC MERIT LISTS.

2) The candidates having Final Key marks update with Revised Final key marks.

3) In the below lists, AA stands for OC category, remaining no change. Just for the program purpose I took AA instead of OC to represent Open Category.


Marks Category Gender Key ? Spl.Category Name
260 SC M RevFinal None Raju
257 AA M RevFinal None Vishwa
254 BCB M RevFinal B.Tech(ECE) Ramulu
252 BCD M RevFinal B.Tech(CompSci) Kumar
230 BCD M RevFinal None Arram Nithin
230 SC M RevFinal None ManuguMahesh(Mahi)
229 BCE M RevFinal None Abdul Majid
227 BCB M RevFinal None Kishore Kumar
220 BCD M RevFinal COMP ADB-1
220 BCD M RevFinal None Rajagattaiah
220 ST M RevFinal None ADB-2
216 BCD M RevFinal BSC-COMP Naresh
213 BCD M Final None Pranay Padigetwar
203 BCE M Final None ADB-3
198 SC F Final None Kalpana


Marks Category Gender Key ? Spl.Category Name
260 AA M Final None Damodhar Reddy
258 M Final None Nagendra
255 BCE M Final None Sheksha
253 BCB M RevFinal None Mahesh
252 BCD M Initial None ATP1
251 AA M Initial None Sreekanth Chowdary
251 AA M Final None Keshav Naidu
250 AA M RevFinal BSC-COMP K Purushottama Reddy
248 AA M RevFinal None Vara Prasad
247 AA M RevFinal MCA Reddy
247 BCA M RevFinal None Mohan
244 AA M Final None NagaRaju
243 BCA F RevFinal None Chinmayi
243 BCB M Final None Arif Ali
242 BCA M Final BSC-COMP Ramachandra
242 BCE M RevFinal None Rafi
241 AA M Final None Bhaskar Reddy
241 AA M Final None Asha’s Brother
241 BCA M RevFinal BSC-COMP Ramu
240 BCA M RevFinal None Lingesh
240 BCB M RevFinal None Ramesh
240 BCE M RevFinal None Sameer
239 BCE M RevFinal None Jakeer Hussain
238 AA M RevFinal None Seenu
238 BCE M Final None Akkulappa
237 BCA M Final BSC-COMP Harinath
237 BCA M Final None Raghu
237 BCE M RevFinal None K MD ALI
235 AA F Final None Asha
234 BCE M Final None Noushad
233 BCD M RevFinal None Srikanth
232 BCB M RevFinal B.Tech C.Venugopal(Venu)
215 SC M RevFinal None Praneeth

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